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  • CSLB# 668511 (B, ASB, HAZ, C-21, C-22)



  • COVID-19 Response and Sterilization Services

    The COVID-19 virus has spread rapidly across the country. Due to this there has been an increased concern with the health and safety of our population. However, by acting quickly and responsibly we can all be part of the solution. By utilizing COVID-19 response and sterilization techniques we can minimize the chances of spreading the virus. This allows our country’s health professionals to not be overwhelmed by a mass amount of patients. If you believe your home or work space have been contaminated we are here to help! Please reach out to us here at Unlimited Environmental and we will make sure your living and working spaces are responsibly decontaminated.


  • Demolition

    Unlimited Environmental, Inc (UEI) is a General Contractor, specializing in demolition and hazmat services. In conjunction with your demolition project, Unlimited Environmental offers a complete turnkey package, including asbestos, lead, mold abatement and soil decontamination.

    Unlimited Environmental pledges to make safety first and has developed a safety program that
    includes thorough safety orientations and worker awareness of all state, federal, OSHA and EPA requirements coupled with a complete team focus on injury prevention. In our efforts to maintain a safe worksite, safety is UEI’s number one priority. All projects reflect this commitment to a safe work environment for both UE personnel and building owner’s representatives.

    Unlimited Environmental is fully bonded and maintains ample insurance coverage to assure protection for our clients. You can count on our professional and experienced crews to complete your next project to 100% satisfaction.

    At Unlimited Environmental, we perform a wide range of demolition services including but not limited to, industrial, commercial, military and interior demolition. As well as plant decommissioning and dismantlement, salvage/asset recovery, contaminated soil excavation and UST pulls.

    For further information regarding our demolition services, please contact Nathan Mitchell, our Director of Business Development.

  • Lead Abatement

    Similar to asbestos, the use of lead in building materials remains a threat- especially to children and infants. Whether it’s removing lead covered building components, stabilizing lead based paint, or stripping lead paint in place, UEI has performed lead paint abatement throughout Southern California for a host of clients.

    We have abundant experience in many of the various removal methodologies involved in lead paint
    abatement. From mechanical and chemical stripping to component removal and replacements, we have the hands on experience to deliver a safe and timely lead abatement project.

  • Mold Remediation

    Microbial contamination is a result of persistent dampness caused by water damage, and may take place over a long period of time- or just a matter of days, depending on atmospheric conditions. Currently, there are no regulations pertaining to the remediation of microbial contamination. However, remediation methods are available, and vary depending on type of fungus, extent of damages, location and exposure.

    We are constantly updating our remediation procedures and all of our Supervisors partake in Mold
    Remediation classes to refresh their knowledge of the growing problem of mold and the different
    techniques and practices used.

  • Asbestos Abatement

    Asbestos, was heavily used throughout the building industry until it was discovered that exposure to
    asbestos fibers caused a myriad of respiratory infections and other diseases. Asbestos affects most
    demolition and remodeling projects in buildings, which were erected prior to 1980.

    We have a wide degree of experience in all forms of asbestos abatement. From assisting other trades with operations within asbestos work areas, to the abatement of asbestos from high-rise buildings and high security areas, we have extensive experience in virtually every phase of this complex and important industry.

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